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Totem Safari

Some of the families who made Totem poles for the Scout-Not-About event have agreed to put them out in front of their house or in a front window so people can take a walk around the village and try to spot them.

There are nine that will be visible this week. Some of them are cardboard and fragile so we can’t guarantee how long they will be intact for.

There’s a map below showing the locations OR you can try the What3Words app on a phone to locate them. What3Words divides the world into 3 meter squares and assigns each one an address made up of three random words. All locations are unique so you can identify any place in the world easily (and sometimes get a very funny combination!)

The nice locations are:


You can speak these combo’s into the app and it will show you the location, or you can enter them on the browser site to see where they are e.g. https://what3words.com/petrified.lawn.dreamers

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