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Try this at home

So with the prospect of a number of weeks with face-to-face Scouting suspended we thought it would be good to offer some activities that you could try at home to alleviate some of the boredom.

We’ll start simply with some suggestions of badges you can work on and a tutorial on coding that could help with ideas for the Digital Maker badge. The badge books are borrowed and provided whole so some stuff is not going to be possible (equestrian badge in the dining room anyone?). We have other ideas that we’re working on so watch out on email and Facebook for some challenges

Beavers Badge Book

Cubs Badge Book

Scouts Badge Book

Coding Workbook

Geoguessr is a website based on google street view where you have to work out where in the world you are from the visual clues in the random street view you are offered.  This has kept one of my ex-scouts occupied for hours.

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