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Scout-Not-About Activities

We’ve put together some activities that you can have a go at today. Links to some instructions or a video are given below.

At 7pm we’re having our campfire. Instead of singing songs (which REALLY didn’t work last time) we thought we’d try to do a ‘Bagshot’s Got Talent’ affair instead.

Do you have a talent? Do you play violin, recorder, saxophone or can you sing? Maybe you could play/sing a short piece? Do you tap dance, juggle or can you balance a chair on your nose? Show us! Do you know a funny joke? There’s an old tradition of the Scout Campfire Skit – maybe you could do one of those for everyone (there’s a load of ideas here)

If the idea of performing something live fills you with dread, maybe you cord record it and send us a file or a link and we can play it during the campfire session?

The Activities

Make a Canoe – here’s some instructions for making a paper or cardboard canoe two different ways. They come with video links to follow to help the kids work independently we hope.

Make a Dreamcatcher – these apparently will stop bad dreams if you hang them in your bedroom, tent or tipi – instructions here.

Cook Fry Bread – this simple bread is a traditional Native American recipe that is really simple to make and doesn’t need hours of proving and resting. It’s lovely with some jam or nutella!

Make a Bow – we like archery at Bagshot and it’s such a shame we haven’t been able to shoot some arrows this term, but maybe this will make up for it. Hopefully you have grabbed a kit during the week, but if not there should still be some outside 17 Lambourne Drive (why not combine the walk with looking for bits to make the Dream Catcher?). The instructions are in a video here (link to youtube). Something went a bit odd with the sound so it loses sequence a bit with the video so I suggest watching through to the end once first before trying to follow the steps!

If none of that grabs you, how about trying to make a tipi? You could try to make one big enough to sleep in if you have poles and sheet or you could try to make a model using paper and sticks.

The Native American tipi: why was it the home of North American ...

Whatever you chose to do, have fun and see you at 5 for the activity round-up call on Zoom.


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