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A moment to reflect…

As we begin to emerge from over a year of lockdown bungee, let us take a moment to reflect on 12 months that truly changed the world and our daily lives beyond anything we could have imagined.

I am sure that we are all hoping that we have seen the last of virtual meetings and are looking forward to seeing our friends and families, scouting and other, without technology and zoom screens. It will be great to get out to enjoy the outdoors and all the opportunities that come with the privilege of being a Scout.

It has been a strange time but, as true Scouts, you have shown resilience and care, and co-operated to make a positive difference and make the best of the situation. You have captured the true spirit of Scouting and grown through adversity, learning along the way. Thank you to the group leaders: Sally, Andy, and Steve, for their creativity and determination to support our members through lockdown. From cooking to camping and scavenger hunts to silly games, you have risen to the challenges set as captured in this wonderful poem by Sally:

A look back at Bagshot Beavers in lockdown

(with some photos from a cub and a scout)

At Beavers we have…

Necker flipped

Clapped and remembered

Zoomed and scavenger hunted

Virtually camped and virtually campfired

Drawn superheroes and given them powers

Played quizzes and learned from each other

Crafted and Cooked

And cooked and Crafted some more

Bum sandwich anyone?

We’ve exercised and learned new words

Modelled dragons

Played silly games. Lots and lots of silly games

From Hangman to read my lips, Kim’s games to hand on hips

Squats and stories and whose poo? too.

What a year it has been, but please oh please, can we meet face to face again soon?

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