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Family Camp 2016

16th – 18th September; Garner’s Field, Farnham.

This year’s annual Family Camp took place at Garner’s Field near Farnham. This is a great location with good facilities, a river and a rope swing – perfect!

We had a record number of nearly a 100 happy campers from 29 families. It was great to see so many new faces enjoying the experience for the first time and also to welcome back some familiar old timers.


The theme was ‘Ancient Greece’ with each family assigned to one of three patrols: Medussa, Cyclops or Minotaur. As is tradition at family camp events, a number of challenges were set for the patrols including camp housekeeping and teamwork which were judged by our esteemed leaders Steve and Spencer.

camp2 There was something for everyone to get involved in the challenges from aspiring Jamie Oliver to Enterprising Engineers to budding Brownlea brothers…..

  • Craft: Create a mask of the patrol’s mythological Greek creature.
  • Cooking: Create hummus and pitta flat bread.
  • Engineering: Design and build an Argo style boat capable of carrying 2 Argonauts down the stream using only cardboard, tape and plastic film!
  • Olympic events including javelin, shot, discus and running.
  • Performance: A short performance based on the myth of patrol’s namesake creature.

The competition was fierce as was the spirit of team work and each patrol enjoyed success with Minotaurs claiming the best hummus and pitta prize.


The laurel crowned Olympian Champions were Emily Wood (Beavers); Jack Mallon (Cubs); Alfie Rankin (Scouts); Kate Mallon (Explorers +, Women), and Lewis Bond (Explorers +, Men). Watch out for them in Tokyo 2020!


The highlight of the afternoon was the boat challenge down the river following our “Pimms” refreshment break …



Take a look at the selection of photos to see who sailed and who sank! The winning Argo was built by the Cyclops team who managed to sail 6 young Argonauts downstream to the rope swing.


We enjoyed an evening meal of traditional Greek kebabs, couscous and pitta bread before gathering around the campfire for the shows.


The winners of the performance challenge were Medussa with a modern twist on an ancient classic featuring Beyonce and Britney Spears! The Minotaurs were highly commended for their costumes and casting – in particular that of Marek as Ariadne, Godess of love! All patrols put on a fantastic show – well done.


The night was then rounded off with the traditional camp fire sing song led by Sophie and Steve accompanied by John on guitar. This was an eclectic play list ranging from the duck song to a very moving personal dedication of ‘Kumbaye’. There was not a dry eye in the firelight.


It was, once again, another fantastic weekend with lots of good old fashioned fun and fresh air and the overall Camp Champions were the Cyclops patrol – well done!

Thanks to all who worked so hard top pull it together and thank you to all of those who came and joined us. I will hand over to some family camp first timers to share with you their thoughts…

“We had a fabulous time at our first family camp. It was a fun-filled, action-packed weekend for children and adults of all ages and such a fantastic way to get to know other Bagshot families.”

The Fursts, (William, Beaver)

“We really enjoyed the activities, especially sailing the boats along the river.  We also really enjoyed spending time together and having fun around the camp fire.  We are looking forward to coming back next year.”

The Belgraves, (Miles, Scout)

“I think we could quite safely say that this was a ‘Golden Opportunity’ to meet all the families you only see and never speak to due to busy time schedules and the like. The experience generated the community mindfulness that is so often missing in today’s society, and instilled in the adults what the children already do, dig in and have fun! I don’t know who enjoyed the activities more the kids or kidults. Invaluable to have ‘old hands’ guiding us through though. Thanks again.”

The Carmichael- Wilsons (Grace, Beaver)

“We all enjoyed the weekend and it will stay with me as one of those treasured family memories which encompassed good old fashioned values – family, friends, fun and no bickering over electronic gadgets!”

The Burtons (Thomas, Scout; Max, Cub; George, Beaver)

See you all again next year campers!

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