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An Indian Summer in Garners Field, Family Camp 2015

Here’s some photos from 1st Bagshot Family Camp at Garners Field, Farnham 18-20th Sept.  This year the theme was Native America and as you can see the Mowhawks, Sioux and Appache patrols really got into the spirit of it!


There were lots of new faces and the challenges helped to get everyone involved and helped in getting to know one another. The idea is to get to know one another as being part of the Scouting Family and get to have some fun experiencing what the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers do as part of 1st Bagshot Scout Group.

The challenges included a

  • Cooking challenge, making Native American Fry bread, some very inventive presentation
  • Craft challenge to make a totem pole and head dress for the Chieftan. Watch out for photos of Chief Kate and also Chief David in front of a TeePee!
  • Sporting challenge, games of hockey (think some of us may be sore for the next week as very intense in the adult game!)
  • Engineering challenge to make a canoe from cardboard, tape and plastic sheeting  to float a teenagers down the river with the Appache boat even supporting two adults!!
  • Performance challenge to adapt a Native American Indian children’s story with points for entertainment and level of childrens’ participation


As you can see from the photos, it was all great fun.  Edward Lawson (Cub) said when asked what he enjoyed ‘All of it everything!’ Marcus Croxton (Scout) said ‘I enjoyed the boating as we got to play in the river!’  Mark Hoare, a veteran to the family camp as Dad of James who is now an Explorer Scout said ‘Love the boats as it was an interesting but achievable challenge.  The weekend as a whole as provides something for everyone to enjoy’.  Kate Mallon, parent of Jack (Cub) and Lucy (hoping to join Beavers soon) said ‘It was a fantastic family experience’


Big Chief Flaming Logs (aka Spencer Watson), the overall leader 1st Bagshot Scouts said ‘ It was really well organised.  Many thanks to all those involved in particular Andy and Lisa Woodward for all their hard work as it was a great weekend.’

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