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BUB CampOver at Walton Firs

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What a weekend!  The 1st Bagshot ‘s  annual Beaver Sleepover and Cub Camp (BUB CampOver) joined up for a brilliant weekend ram packed with activities at Walton Firs Activity Centre.

Friday night kicke d off with everyone pitching tents, a treasure hunt (with the stamps being very well hidden by Izzie Cox) before cocoa and songs around the campfire.

After Saturday breakfast and clearing up, we all played Mr Spongee.  This is a wide game where each adult had one  colour of face paint and/or face wipes.  The aim was to get a stripe of every colour on your face but if you came across an adult with the face wipe – you had to start again!  It was brilliant fun and impressive to see how fast the adults can run especially before 9am!

Caving was the main morning activity and proved to be one of the most popular.  This is a great facility that Walton Firs offers and consists of a manmade cave system with many different tunnels.  Torches were essential as it was pitch black inside.  Despite this, all the Beavers and Cubs really enjoyed it.  Autumn (Cub, age 8) summarised it brilliantly – ‘ I thought it would be frightening but once I started it, it was awesome!  I loved the twisting pathways and cool cave paintings.’

The Beavers worked on their Camping Activity badge which included fire lighting.  The Cubs made their own first aid pouch and learnt how to use the constituents for their first aid badge. Fully prepared, they went on to learn how to use knives properly.

Beavers moving up to Cubs took part in a new ceremony.  They left the  Beavers whacking their tails to join the howling Wolf Cubs.

‘The idea of the joint camp was to help make the transition from Beavers to Cubs less daunting as the kids get to know the older kids and Cub leaders’ said Fraser Sampson, Cub Assistant Leader.  All the kids mixed really well and it was not just the younger ones who appreciated it.  Campbell O’Leary (10 year old Cub) said ‘I enjoyed getting to know the Beavers.’

Niel Webber was also initiated as Assistant Scout Leader.  When asked what he thought of his first camp with 1st Bagshot ‘It’s been great.  Everyone had fun.  Become a Leader and you get to do all the good bits in Scouting and one of them is camping’

The climbing wall was the main activity for the Cubs in the afternoon with everyone getting harnessed up and giving the walls a good go.  The instructors challenge of ringing two bells at the top of two different routes were reached by Matthew Hill and Campbell O’Leary

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